A Note from the Authors

Greetings, loyal readers!

With their final letters from the Isle of Skald, the correspondence between Benjamin Rackham and Eliot Crane has reached the end of what we are calling Part One. We hope you have enjoyed it! Rest assured, however, this does not mean we are ending anything. Quite the contrary.

Next up is an Interlude wherein we will write a correspondence between two new characters. This will be a shorter-term project, an opportunity to try some new voices and explore other facets of the world of Rackham & Crane. Before long we will return to the writings of our chief protagonists in Part Two.

Obviously, a little bit of conversation between the two of us was necessary in order to coordinate ending Part One and beginning the Interlude. But other than that, we do not plan ahead or compare notes about what is to come. Neither author knows what the other author is going to write next; our process remains, as ever, highly improvisational.

For those keeping track, Friedrich Nussbaum will be written by Phil; Bertram Dupont will be written by Nate.


Phil & Nate