Still Truckin’

I am realizing that this is not a project that lends itself to frequent updates. Of course, part of the point is to get away from the constant-quick-fix of online media, so it’s a little ironic that I feel vaguely guilty about not posting more updates here. On the other hand, it feels odd that there has been all sorts of activity with The Epistolary but no one really knows about it except me.

So, suffice it to say: I’ve got letters coming in, and letters going out, and it is all progressing swimmingly. I’d say that the project so far has exceeded my expectations, in terms of both quantity and quality. Pictured below is the first international letter I have received, from China. I am going to have to step up my game, both in terms of physical presentation and your basic penmanship, in order to hold my own against some of the stuff I am receiving.

The offer is still out there: want a letter from me? Send me one! If my letter does not make you either 1) laugh out loud, 2) cry real tears, or 3) shake your head slowly because, really, what the heck is up with that, then I will refund your postage!


Letters Received!

Another Epistolary update … I’ve sent a few letters out at this point, and yesterday for the first time I received two letters, which means I now owe a couple of replies. While this project is not, for me anyway, about any sort of pre-digital nostalgia, I will confess a certain frisson upon receiving two physical letters in the mail. The most intriguing bit is that one of the letters is from someone who is remaining anonymous, leaving only scant clues as to their identity. A picture of the artwork included in that letter is below. Very exciting!


An Epistolary Update

I wasn’t sure whether I’d even include blog-ish updates on this site, but apparently it’s in my nature. The main page will stay the same but I’ll put a “recent posts” link in the sidebar. If you’re looking at this it should be RSS-able in one fashion or another.

Check it out:



Wrote my first epistle earlier today longhand on a beautiful day with a lovely view. Bonus points if you can guess where it was taken.